The Epidemic of Diabetes and the Importance of GTF maintenance

Metabolic diseases are on the rise across the world. The Western diet full of high saturated fats/sugars and sedentary lifestyle has led to this epidemic. Diabetes has plagued a growing number of people, leading to problems with blood sugar (glucose) regulation as well as other comorbidities and cardiac problems. Diabetes is a stratum of diseases that involves deficiency/problems in insulin hormone. Normally an organ called the pancreas, located in the abdomen next to the entrance of the large intestines produces insulin which in turn helps regulate sugar/glucose metabolism and storage from the food we eat. When insulin signaling and responsiveness is disrupted, this leads to diabetes and a host of other medical issues.

Chromium is an essential mineral that we need to derive Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). Our bodies naturally synthesize GTF to potentiate the action of insulin binding and as physiologically enhancer insulin function. Chromium deficiency leads to decrease GTF and subsequent symptoms impaired glucose tolerance, weight fluctuation, and reduced mental acuity. To guard against this problem, GTF can also be supplemented orally. With a stable supplementary source, one can maintain proper levels of GTF and appropriately modulate insulin activity. A number of primary research publications demonstrate numerous therapeutic uses for GTF ranging from diabetes mellitus, weight loss/obesity, hyperlipidemia, amino acid malnutrition/malabsorption, depression, and cardiac disease/heart health.

glucose tolerance factor

GlucoLibriumTM contains active compounds to support hypoglycemic properties and blood sugar levels. GlucoLibriumTM  is a highly bioactive/bioavailable mix of well-known medicinal herbs that aids in healthy metabolism through boosting GTF. GlucoLibriumTM aids healthy blood sugar levels, the respiratory system, inflammation and natural immunity, abdominal issues, hormones and appetite, and the skin.

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