The School Yuckies

Same old story…send the kids back to school, they come home with the snots and sniffles. Then everyone in the house gets it. Takes at least a week to get over it. Rinse and repeat.

Are you tired of this cold routine? It might be time to try something new!


I would like to introduce Beta Glucan 1,3D to you. Beta Glucan 1,3D is the preventative supplement that will keep your home running like a well-oiled machine!

You’ve probably heard of beta glucan in cereals, whole grains or oats, and that is very helpful, but did you know there is a gluten-free, supplement version that is completely safe for adults AND children?

Honestly, it’s hard to know where to start with all the benefits that beta glucan has, but starting with immune boosting is a good place. Beta glucan is clinically proven to do battle with bacteria resistant to antibiotic treatment and viruses that cause upper respiratory infections. Because it enhances the function of macrophages and neutrophils, it even enhances your protection against E.Coli and staph infection. Since 1980, mostly in Japan, beta glucans have been used for immune system support.

Taken regularly, it will prevent infections and viruses, but if you’ve already caught a nasty cold, beta glucan will at least reduce the number of days you have to live with it. One beautiful thing about beta glucan 1,3D is that it is completely safe for your children! We recommend adults take two capsules of Drs’ Hope Beta Glucan daily, and children take one daily. If your child has trouble taking capsules, just open it up and disguise the powder in yogurt, applesauce, or something similar.

Because of the immune-boosting properties of beta glucan 1,3D, it is also effective for cancer patients because of its anti-tumor properties or who are experiencing side effects from cancer treatment.

I’m sure you are familiar with oats being beneficial to heart health. Well, you can thank beta glucan for that benefit! It has been proven to lower cholesterol and LDL levels.

One more benefit…it may help quell allergy reactions!

This little supplement carries a big stick! Start using it now to prevent the school yuckies!

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