Tumor or Rumor: The Secret of Fucoidan

If you are a believer in the healing powers of nature, then you are going to want to read this!

Fucoidan Seaweed Korean OceanHave you ever heard of the word “fucoidan?” Fucoidan comes from seaweed found in the pristine, Korean ocean waters called Undaria pinnatifida. Now you do not want to wrap your grilled chicken or tofu in this kind of seaweed, but through a clean process of extraction, you can get it as a dietary supplement.

I’m sure you are wondering, “WHAT does it do?” So let’s get to the point. Fucoidan has been proven to have angiogenesis properties, boost the body’s immune system and is known to reduce the adhesion of tumor cells to human platelets. Did you catch that? That is antitumor activity!

Now, wait right there! You might think dietary supplements are for hippies but just keep an open mind. Dr’s Hope’s Fucoidan is clinically studied and proven. 

Dr’s Hope’s Fucoidan does not use any alcohol in extraction. Rather, we use an ultrafiltration membrane method. This method allows for an all-natural water extraction process, which means there are fewer solvents left in fucoidan. As a result, Dr’s Hope is left with a product that has the highest purity and content available, which is 85% purity with a sulfate content of over 30%. Many medical professionals are now suggesting oversulfated Fucoidan as an aid in antitumor activity as the content of a quality fucoidan will have high levels of sulfate.

Safety tested and free of contamination, this is nature at its best!

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