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The Basics of Vitamin K - for bone and cardiovascular health

As anyone who has experience with dietary products, not all forms of nutrients are made the same.  Vitamin K exists in several forms (Vitamin K1/phylloquinone, Vitamin K2/Mk4, and Vitamin K2/Mk7).  Our bodies naturally are able to utilize the two forms Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2.  Vitamin K1 helps blood coagulate/clot properly.  Whereas, Vitamin K2 helps reduce calcium plaque build up in your arteries and guides calcium absorption to strengthen your bones.

Vitamin K2 has two naturally occurring isoforms, Mk-4 and Mk-7.  This difference is due to the carbon side chain length.  Vitamin K2 MK-7 has a longer carbon side chain.  Not only does VitaminK2:Mk-7 have a longer side chain.

Several clinical studies have already elucidated and linked Vitamin K2 with maintaining both cardiovascular and bone health.

A clinical research study led by physicians followed 53 patients with hemodialysis deficiencies and severe arterial calcification. The physicians who conducted the study supplemented these patients daily with 135µg and 360µg Vitamin K2 and found remarkable improvements. They found significantly lower levels of inactive MGP, and more importantly, decreased calcification of patients’ arteries. (Westenfield, et al. 2011)

Another study was conducted by Knapen and colleagues which linked Vitamin K2 with bone health.  The study was conducted over the course of 3 years in a double blind fashion. It involved 325 postmenopausal women who either received placebo or a daily dosage of Vitamin K2. The researchers measured the bone mineral content and hip geometry for each patient. They concluded that Vitamin K2 helped maintain and strengthen bone mineral content and femoral neck width (bone thickness).  This was a strong indication that Vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of weakened bones.

Long story short, Vitamin K: Mk-4+Mk-7 are the most efficacious forms of Vitamin K2. That’s why Dr’s Hope was diligently designed to focus on Vitamin K2 and provide both isoforms. Dr’s Hope Vitamin K2 is an all-natural product and highly bioavailable. It is also nonGMO, allergen-free, and contains no solvents, additives or preservatives. Our exclusive production methods also allows us to produce a formula of the highest purity and strength.