Essentials of Cardiovascular Health

There is an every growing epidemic in the US in which cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are claiming more and more lives each year. It is vital that we better understand the pathophysiological process of how the vascularity fails with age and how we can take preventative measures to improve our lives.

Though there are many contributing factors (stress, diet, etc.) a common cause of high blood pressure is due to atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is defined as the narrowing of arteries due to fatty deposits that accumulate on arterial walls, often caused by the build up of plaque on the artery walls.

Eating a high-fat western diet, rich in cholesterol, can cause an increase in Low Density Lipoproteins (LDLs) inside your circulatory system. These LDL particles then begin to accumulate in the media region of your arteries and become oxidized by your own cells. Your body initially tries to clear oxidized LDL in blood vessels by immune cells (macrophages), cause local inflammation, and cause other cells (smooth muscle cells, T cells, etc.) to migrate to the location and help stabilize the region by secreting fibirin. Unfortunately, if there is too much oxidized LDL for them to handle, these cells begin to die, forming an unstable plaque.

This plaque protrudes out into your blood vessel and narrows the blood vessels, causing pressure to build up (high blood pressure) and a dull pain (angina). Eventually when this plaque ruptures, platelets begin to clot. This causes either complete blockage of the artery, or the clot gets broken and travels to another artery where it will block and cause damage elsewhere.

This process of plaque formation doesn’t necessarily have to be permanent! Through adjusting one’s diet to include High Density Lipoproteins (HDLs aka "good fat") and regularly adding just 30min or more of heart pumping exercise, can help dramatically improve your outcome.

Furthermore, by supplementing with fibronolytic enzymes (i.e. a clot busting enzyme), you can help clear away existing plaques in your arteries! Nattokinase is a naturally occurring and potent fibronolytic enzyme. Once Nattokinase is orally consumed, it circulates through the blood vessels and degrades plaque formations, thus breaking down blood clots and relieving blood pressure and blood flow.

Here at Dr’s Hope, we thoroughly research and thoughtfully formulate our products to achieve maximal health benefits to our customers. We truly believe in our products and believe by informing you, you can be empowered to change your own life for the better. Don’t wait any longer! Help improve your cardiovascular health today! 

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