The importance of the Nutraceutical Industry

Dr's Hope was born out of a frustration of conventional pharmaceutical industry. With ever increasing costs and price gouging margins, pharmaceutical companies have profited at the expense of people's health. We here at Dr's Hope believe that a healthy life should be affordable and available to everyone! So with a sound scientific background and a strong biomedical team, we took the nutraceutical route!
In an scientific article published by Nasri and colleagues, they highlight the importance of the nutraceutical industry as an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals. In the article, they state, "Emphasis has been made to present herbal nutraceuticals effective on hard curative disorders related to oxidative stress including allergy, alzheimer, cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, eye, immune, inflammatory and Parkinson's diseases as well as obesity."
But don't just take our word for it! Check it out yourself through the link below!